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University Laser Safety Forum

17 Jul

University Laser Safety Forum

The University Laser Safety Forum was held at Loughborough University on the 11th of July. This was a great opportunity to bring together colleagues who work within the higher education sector who work with lasers or provide laser safety advice, this resulted in several interesting discussions.

The day began with an update on university laser inspections from Stewart Robertson, this helped outline the state of compliance in the sector and set the scene for the later talks. John O’Hagan and Eric Liggins then provided updates on relevant laser standards, outlining key changes from previous versions.

There was a change of topic to focus on some non-beam hazards as Lewis Jones gave a talk on laser fume in the medical field.

The final two talks focused on practical laser safety, Trevor Wheatley who gave a very informative talk on laser shielding calculations using the standards previously mentioned by John and Eric previously. The meeting was then closed by John Tyrer talking about active engineering controls with thoughts the sector should consider going forward.