Association of University Radiation Protection Officers

Executive Committee 2022/23

EC Meeting held in Liverpool, Sept 2022 (L to R: Shahed Khan, Alistair Hardwick, Julie Turner, Gus Zabierek, Helen Cauldbeck, Ollie Preedy, Pete Cole, Tim Coldwell)

President Pete Cole (University of Liverpool)
Honorary Secretary Tim Coldwell (University of Hull)
Honorary Treasurer & Membership Secretary Julie Turner (University of Loughborough)
Chair of the Scientific and Technical Committee Mark Bradley (STFC)
Committee Members
Helen Cauldbeck (University of Liverpool)
Sarah Dorling (Stephen Green and Associates)
Stephen Green (Stephen Green and Associates)
Alistair Hardwick (University of Sussex)
Shahed Khan (RCS)
Oliver Preedy (University of Loughborough)
Ralph Whitcher (CLEAPSS)