The society has give categories of membership:




    Honorary Life


Ordinary Membership

To be admitted as an Ordinary member of the Association applicants should:

    hold an appropriate office (e.g. University Radiation Protection Officer);

    have a suitable qualification (normally a degree,  or equivalent qualification,  in natural or applied sciences);
    be able to demonstrate that they have an appropriate level of training and experience.

Associate Membership

    Applicants who do not satisfy the conditions for Ordinary membership may be admitted as Associate members;

    Associate members may vote,  but are not eligible for election to any committee of the Association;

    Associate members may apply to become Ordinary members.

Retired Membership

A member who retires may apply to become a Retired member.   A Retired member has the same privileges as an Ordinary member.

Honorary Life Membership

This is a category of membership which is bestowed only on an existing member of the Association by an Annual General Meeting.

    Honorary Life membership may be bestowed on any member who has given exceptional service to the Association

    Nominations for Honorary Life membership,  supported by at least five members,  should be sent in writing to the Executive Committee.   If the Executive Committee supports the Nomination,  the proposal for Honorary Life   membership will be put to the next Annual General Meeting of the Association for confirmation.

Affiliate Membership

    Any corporation or organisation may apply to become an Affiliated Organisation.   Admission to the Association will be only to bodies whose interests are compatible with the aims of the Association.

    Affiliated Organisations may nominate one or more Representatives who may attend all Association meetings.

    Representatives of Affiliated Organisations may neither vote,  nor be elected to any committee of the Association.